HSM B24 Cross Cut Shredder

Data security in the office has already become an everyday matter of course. This applies both to complying with data protection laws and the protection of intellectual property rights of a company and of privacy. HSM Shredders provide reliable document shredding with intelligent economic energy management and consistent user-friendliness designed to integrate harmoniously into a modern office environment.

Reliable shredding of digital data media

  • HSM document shredders reliably shred CDs credit cards and store cards
  • depending on the cutting type and size.
  • HSM Document shredders are optionally equipped with a separate CD cutting unit for shredding CDs and DVDs in two versions (for particle size 3.9 x 40mm and in high security OMDD (particle size 2.2 x4mm))
  • State of the art waste separation by means of a separate collection system for paper and CDs (model B24 or above)
Was: $912.00  +GST
Now: $699.00  +GST
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